About HoH Volleyball

Beach/Sand & Indoor Volleyball leagues, tournaments, clinics, & events in the Houston area.

Tired of winning the beer leagues? Looking to learn and play more? Come join our team! We believe in teaching the game & helping you achieve your volleyball goals!

HoH Volleyball is looking to bridge the gap between recreational leagues and the top level volleyball players. We want to develop the next wave of players to whatever level they want to achieve, be it qualifying for an AVP main draw or just having a better skill set and grasp of the fundamentals. We offer free clinics when you play in our leagues, unique tournament formats, and individual coaching for all adults 18+

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That is our general mission statement/purpose. How we got here today, that is an entirely different story. One lone athlete nicknamed H, got invited out to play volleyball by a girl from his school. He was an all around athlete who had just finished his first year of collegiate sports, so he accepted little knowing she was all state all 4 years of high school. Long story short, she served him 25 straight times 3 games in a row. H didn't succeed in passing a single serve of hers. It was after that experience, that his competitive nature kicked in. He sought out people who might teach him to play at the level she was at. He wandered in and around the volleyball scene for the next several years, playing where ever he could. He wasn't good enough to play with the high level athletes, but didn't find fulfillment in playing rec ball either. Being a student in search of a teacher H watched, studied, and played all the volleyball he could find. One by one, people started coming into his life that were able to teach him and give him the guidance he needed and wanted. He enjoyed volleyball so much more now and he wanted his friends to play with him. One day an idea came to him, what if he could help them get to the same place he was at but in a much shorter time? Also, what if not just his friends but people he hadn't met yet but wanted the same things? HoH Volleyball was born from the desire to develop anyone to a level that they want to achieve, in a shorter time frame than it would take to reach on their own. We have a network of coaches and top level athletes that are teaming up with us to develop the these individuals. It has been an awesome journey so far and the journey has just begun! Hope to see you around town and in the sand. Ya dig?


-The HoH Development Team